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Flat Rock Communications
Long Distance

You seen your phone bill lately?

Sure, your per minute rate may be cheap but add in all of the monthly charges that other long distance providers bill you for and you will find out that you are paying far more that you think per minute.
How do you find out exactly what you spend per minute?

1. Add your total minutes of long distance calls.
2. Divide the total cost of your bill by the total number of minutes and voila, you have your true per minute rate.

Call us today to see what we can do for your Long Distance phone bill.                                                                              

    TALK ANYTIME - 500
    500 minutes of L.D. - $19.95 per month
    TALK ANYTIME - 1000
    1000 minutes of L.D. - $29.95 per month

    You can be ensured of reliable Long Distance service at great rates.                                  
    Quality is our highest priority.

Flat Rock Telephone Co-Op, Inc.

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